Will Hall takes some penalty tips from Southampton legend Matt Le Tissier: who better?

Date: Thursday 13th April 2017 at 11:03 am
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LAST week we (the u13’s JPL) travelled to Wick FC, near Arundel, to play one of the best teams in West Sussex. They are second in their league and in the final of the cup.

After the first quarter we were 1-0 down but still in the game with some very good attacking threats and by half time we had showed those attacking threats by being 3-1 up and I scored a penalty for my 5th goal of the season.

In the third quarter we were 5-1 up and then I got another penalty again and here’s a lesson; never change where you are going to put it, if you scored going that way the first time then go that way the second time, because on this penalty I went left and the keeper guessed right to keep the score at 5-1.

We ended up winning the match 6-1 and we left with our heads held high. I think I played really well in the game with the opposition only scoring by a scramble in the box. Also the tip I will take away from the game is even if I do change my mind then put it in the corner and then it won’t matter.


On Wednesday me and my friend(who is on trial) went to the MLT Academy and finally it was the day we got to meet Matt Le Tissier! After the training I got a picture with him and got to ask him some questions about his life and football.

Some of the answers really inspired me to keep working hard and just put every ounce of energy into every minute because you only get back from football what you put into it. Also I asked him about commentating and is it hard to prepare for games?

He said “if you love the sport, it just comes naturally and you don’t have to think twice.” I asked it because after being a footballer I either want to be a commentator or a manager and in both circumstances you are talking to people instead of being told what to do and I like doing that because it always brings passion into the sport and feels like you are connected to everyone around you.

Finally on Saturday we played Bournemouth who we beat at their place 3-2 earlier in the season and it was a real test, but this time we were even more up for it and we won 3-1 ,with their goal being a screamer from outside the box, which basically guarantees us second place. There were a few scraps here and there but we got through it and got a deserved three points.

We have one more week of football before we break up for Easter so I’m going to train my hardest so that the break is deserved.


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