Will Hall: my bottom corner beauty!

Date: Wednesday 21st March 2018 at 6:03 pm
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Young footballer Will Hall gives us the latest on developing through grass-roots football, including scoring a rather unusual goal.

A lot has happened since I last wrote about my football. I have played the Southampton Academy twice, sadly both ending in defeats and I have also scored my first goal of the season (for Portsmouth Junior Premier League)!

The first time I played against the Academy was for the u13s Totton side and I only got picked for that as there were no u14 games or higher.

My coach picked me for this as he said it would be a great opportunity to showcase my control from the back.

We started off lacklustre and they were ahead after 5 minutes and then a penalty given away by my friend, who is also u14, made it 2-0 to them 5 minutes later. We then held strong and didn’t concede anymore until the very end of the second quarter.

In this game I saw that overall we didn’t have the best attacking threat, so each quarter I managed to make a run forward from the back at least once and two times it almost resulted in a goal.

However by the end of the third quarter it remained 3-0 and we couldn’t find anything else except a ball I put through to our right winger, who was one on one, but the keeper made a good save to keep him out.

Southampton ending up getting 3 in the last quarter, with us only potentially being able to stop one of them, as the first was an outside of the box shot which flew into the top corner and the third deflecting off my shoulder and over four of our players into the striker’s feet. I felt very distraught after this game, as I had played well but did not do enough.

The second game was for the JPL representative team, who had asked me back for this match to have another look at me. I got to wear my new boots for the first time and worked quite well.

We started the first quarter off strongly, with Lucca Toms getting a cracking opening goal, however they managed to score a corner against a defence twice the size of them and pulled it back to 1-1.

I came off the bench to go into midfield and created a few chances, with one hitting the post, which was a shot from myself.

They caught us on the counter attack however and made it 2-1 through a one on one with the keeper. I then got brought off again and had to watch the third quarter in which we conceded four and were not good at all.

I came back on for the fourth quarter and was put at the back, on the left side. We kept a clean sheet and played some very good attacking football but could not find another goal.

Overall I thought I played quite well in this match and, considering I only got 2 quarters out of the four, I contributed as much as I could.

I have played quite a few Hampshire cup games this season for my Sunday league team Pickwick. My highlight from the games I have played was a game where I played centre-mid for the first half and a part of the second half.

I got a goal from a ball pulled across the box that I placed it under the keeper and then in the second half, once I came back on, I went up front and managed to get three goals, meaning I got four goals in the match and picked up the MOTM award.

This was probably one of my best matches this season as everything was just clicking into place and I didn’t put a foot wrong.

Oh and I almost forgot, my first goal of the season was scored in an 8-goal thriller with my team winning 6-2, my team being Portsmouth JPL u14s.

The ball came in from the left and I got my foot onto the end of it and it went into the bottom corner of the net beating the keeper comfortably.

Sadly this was my own net and I had put us 1-0 down, but I didn’t get fed up and carried on and managed to help our team turn the game around and get the three points.

My latest match was cancelled due to the snow, so I went sledging instead, so you will hear more from me soon I’m sure!

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