What happened to the Manchester spirit? United could take a leaf out of City’s book

Date: Monday 7th August 2017 at 12:04 pm
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YES, we are contenders again and have bought a squad that can challenge for the title, but where is the heart and soul?

Where is the young talent; those homegrown youngsters who have loved Manchester United since they were at junior school?

What happened to developing real talent that has always been the case through the history of Manchester United. Where is the Manchester Spirit?

Ferguson built an empire that would last for 25 years. Is Mourinho buying a team to win the Champions League once and then move on again ?

The question now is if you have all the money in the world and manage the Manchester United, the biggest club in the world, are you really just a glorified fashion buyer or brand developer rather than a master tactician that can build a team and squad to dominate for decades ?

My fear is the former Manchester United will triumph again and the owners in the USA will make millions of dollars whilst the mercenary players will earn fortunes from endorsements and the broadcasters.

But the gap between the fans and the players will continue to grow and the spirit that Busby and Ferguson put in place will become part of corporate brand and another expensive dvd available from the on-line store !

Please develop the youth team invest in home grown talent, tell the super stars to visit the kids in schools and keep the spirit of Manchester United alive !

Look at Manchester City. Their identity is bought and sold in Qatar! But to their credit they have developed huge parts of Manchester and invested in their academy massively.

Let’s not see Manchester United win the trophies , win the share price , win the marketing game and lose the link to the local club that made us great originally anyone can sign the world’s best players but who can develop and build a team!

Come on Jose show us your the man to develop the whole club not just 25 super stars !!

Rant over!

Paul Cowlishaw <paul@commodity-business.com

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