Wembley phobia could cost Spurs dear – mid-table finish will see Kane and Alli leave

Date: Thursday 3rd August 2017 at 11:58 am
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By LillyBlack

Did you spot that Spurs made a late bid for Neymar.  No.  Nor did I.

You might have spotted, though, that Spurs are about to splash a massive £2 million on a reserve goalkeeper no-one has heard of and I cannot even recall his name.

No worries.  Daniel the Biz will sort it all out on Transfer Deadline Day.

The yellow ties won’t be wasted on Sky as at least there will be one club guaranteed to look out for a bargain basement buy no one else wants.

I’ve been banging on a bit about Spurs not signing a single player so far in this so very important transfer window when everyone is splashing the TV cash and the even bigger pot of gold anticipated in the next round of deals.

I’ve noticed here on Zaps there seems to be a view that Manchester City might win the Premier League.  Cannot understand why?

And that big spending Manchester United and Liverpool might finish above Spurs.  Again, just don’t get it.

Finish above Arsenal again.  Don’t count on it.

Spurs finished second and down at the Lane, sorry, Wembley Way, they think they might now go one place higher.

Well, the chances are that they won’t finish in the top four, and mid table might be achievable as even the likes of Everton have got their cheque book out.  Don’t forget Spurs have a phobia about Wembley, and this season isn’t the one to continue with it.

My big worry is that a just above mid-table finish will convince Harry Kane and Dele Alli they are wasting their time hanging around waiting for that marquee signing.

3 thoughts on “Wembley phobia could cost Spurs dear – mid-table finish will see Kane and Alli leave

  • Andy.
    5 years ago

    If we finish mid table it will be their fault! Not the Stadium. So a bit rich wanting to leave after that.

  • Bullshit
    5 years ago

    Another complete ignorant twat that thinks football is all about what you want. No player ever wants to be the subject of transfer speculation. Clubs play games with players some win some lose but with what we have within Tottenham is going in the right direction, new training facility, new stadium, squad very happy. When will people like you get on the page spending millions on some of the players mentioned in the media is laughable. Then take a look at Neymar I would not cross the street to acknowlege the bloke very good player $100 million pound go and do the banana. I think PSGshould end up being thrown out of football for being simply dishonest. That said many more should follow rules are rules it applies to everyone. Done

  • Pez
    5 years ago

    Whilst I have some ongoing concerns about Tottenham’s much publicised lack of transfer activity, in all honesty I fail to see how that will suddenly see us plummet to ailing mid table status, they may well fail to progress on from last season because others have strengthened where we clearly haven’t (yet?) but I think the article itself is so knee jerk its hardly worth examining any deeper


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