Trials and Tribulations: latest instalment from our wannabe star Will Hall – Arsenal, West Ham and Charlton are showing interest

Date: Monday 15th May 2017 at 4:35 pm
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A few weeks ago, I had a trial at one of QPR’s training grounds (it wasn’t for QPR though). The trial was called ‘UK Football Trials’ and had players from across the country and from other countries all there to take part.

Most of them were in the older age groups, so in my group there were only 16 of us! Going from U12’s to U14’s. All through the session we worked on control, technique, news skills and strength. We finally finished off with a match and we could see that a West Ham scout and a Charlton scout were watching closely but we didn’t know who they were looking at.

The trial, for me personally, went really well and I didn’t really mind what came out of it because I could always have another go and it would just be a learning curve for me.

Just over one week later though we got something through on email and it said I had been scouted for Charlton Athletic and that I could go have a trial there.

I was buzzing because I thought that by then they had stopped sending out who had been scouted and what not but no they hadn’t and even better was that at least a week later I got great feedback from West Ham and then Arsenal! 

I couldn’t believe what was happening. It felt like a dream but I knew straight after that if someone could see something in me I have a chance and to make that chance better I had to work, hard.  In every training session I’ve been putting a 110 per cent  effort in (not that I hadn’t already been doing that) and not letting anyone drag me down with them.

Another exciting thing happened in the week of me being scouted and that was when I went to a MLT (Matt Le Tissier) training session.

Me and four other boys got chosen to try out a new football technology that these people had invented. At first I thought it was just going to be a recording that they just analysed and watched to see what they could improve but it turned out to be a proper filming which will be on Sky Sports in a few days.

It went in a pocket, in the back of these sort of half socks they gave you and rested on your calf muscle, it gained all the data of how you played, like your fastest run and how many touches you had on the ball.

All in all the last few weeks have been absolutely immense and it’s just starting to sink in now. I’m looking forward to see myself on TV and all the training sessions ahead!

Will Hall

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  • Dom Kirby
    5 years ago

    Well done Will!


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