The international break is nigh for Mourinho

Date: Wednesday 3rd October 2018 at 8:35 am
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Jose Mourinho’s tenure at Manchester United will surely end with the international break, the classic time when failing managers are sacked.

Mourinho now faces Newcastle Utd at home before the break, followed by Chelsea away and Juventus at home in the Champions League. You have to seriously question if Utd can risk him being the manager for those two.

Newcastle should be as winnable a game as they come for any side at the moment, but Utd are such a mess that a win is no given and neither frankly is a draw. 1-0 to Newcastle suddenly looks feasible.

Clubs sack managers before international breaks because it gives them time to appoint a new manager and affords the greatest available breathing space for the club, the players and the new man to settle.

With Mourinho entwined in countless spats with all-comers, from observers to his own players, Utd cannot let this unseemly demise continue.

For Jose’s Utd spell to end bitterly at Chelsea, his great love, would be humiliating for him and hilarious for many, but is possibly too much for Utd to tolerate. Juventus, with the returning Ronaldo, needs a better preparation than that.

Utd cannot risk Mourinho any longer. Newcastle must be the end, to douse the damage, before more happens. And if Utd think Newcastle carries the potential for more damage, Jose might not reach the international break at all.

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