Spurs should win the FA Cup given Wembley advantage and City out

Date: Tuesday 20th February 2018 at 7:49 am
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Spurs should win the FA Cup given their Wembley advantage, having avoided the big guns in the quarter-final draw and with Man City now out.

Sunday’s unexpected 2-2 stalemate at Rochdale sees Spurs needing a Wembley replay to reach the last eight, but it’s better than losing 1-0 at Wigan.

Tottenham’s quarter-final reward could be a trip to Swansea, which is tricky given their resurgence but preferable to facing Chelsea or Manchester United.

This hands Tottenham a clear path to play three matches at their adopted home to win the FA Cup – and perhaps even a quarter-final replay too – given the carrot of a semi final and final at Wembley.

A significant tie is likely to await in the last four, so a trophy is no certainty, but Tottenham will rarely get a better chance to land one at Wembley than in a season when it is their home ground.

Spurs currently have the unique benefit of playing at Wembley every other week and cannot afford to pass up making the most of that.

With City out of the way, Spurs could even avoid having to face both of Chelsea and United, if the two faced each other in one semi final.

Spurs might fancy their chances against United in a one-off, having beaten them at Wembley 2-0 in the Premier League just a few weeks ago.

They are certainly likely to be keen to avoid Chelsea, having lost 2-1 to them at Wembley at the start of the season and having twice lost heavily in recent Wembley FA Cup semi-finals against the Blues, 4-2 only last season and 5-1 in 2012.

Spurs have re-emerged as media darlings in recent seasons, for the compelling work of Mauricio Pochettino and the rise of Harry Kane, but all they have won so far is plaudits. Spurs really need to land some silverware, if their progress is to be meaningful and trigger a future as genuine long-term challengers.

With Kane’s prowess in front of goal and Alli’s ability to convince referees he’s been fouled, Spurs have a wide-open chance to win the FA Cup. Perhaps only taking Swansea lightly could scupper them.

Kane said recently that he was happy to stay at Tottenham as long as they are winning trophies. The FA Cup represents a clear opportunity to start doing just that. Fail to back up media hype and Spurs could risk losing both Pochettino and Kane if they succumb to yet another false dawn.

3 thoughts on “Spurs should win the FA Cup given Wembley advantage and City out

  • Dontom
    4 years ago

    The same blog that was all too keen to comment on the ‘Wembley curse’

  • Ram Punt
    4 years ago

    Nothing like a few snide remarks to spice up an unnecessary article – we all know the situation without you pointing it out. Sounds as though this was written by a miffed Man City fan. As a Spurs fan I could ask why Tottenham always seem to get away fixtures in the cup and why Arsenal always get home fixtures. There are many oddities in football including bias, as I see here!

    • Toke
      4 years ago

      Yes you’re right, but spurs always make it difficult for themselves don’t they? It’s time they crashed through this unlucky barrier they always hit in crucial moments and win something. But I must admit their luck seems to be changing slightly in the big games which is a good sign. It couldn’t be a better time to lift a trophy,and I’m not just talking about the FA cup- they are that good.


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