Spurs are back in the Champions League but need one world class gob-smacking signing.

Date: Friday 28th July 2017 at 4:43 pm
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By Lilly Black

Manchester City want to outbid Real Madrid with a jaw dropping world record bid for the latest big young thing from Monaco, while Chelsea are trying to buy three more superstars to add to the three they’ve already bought, and Spurs, well, they’ve sold Kyle Walker.

Of course, though, Spurs are not, repeat, not, a selling club anymore.

Cue laughter!

Spurs are off to Wembley where they cannot hardly win a game, and we are all supposed to be looking forward to a new season to build on a second placed finish last season.

Cue more laughter!

Our chairman says today that all their rivals are splashing the cash and it’s unsustainable, despite the fact that the Premier League boss said it is sustainable, and with the last round of £8 BILLION worth of TV deals, likely to be topped very shortly….

Cue even more laughter!!

Only it’s not very funny right now to watch the big clubs spending big and building teams capable of making a big impact, not only domestically but also in the Champions league

Spurs are back in the Champions League but need one world class gobsmacking signing.

Cue the biggest laugh of all, because it ain’t going to happen.

So it is assured, as season of frustration where the team fail to move forward and in fact might be in danger of slipping so far back that the big guns Dele Alli and Harry Kane opt to review their decisions to stick at the Lane, just as Eric Dier would like move to Manchester United, and Walker pitched up at City saying he moved to win trophies.

Ah, The Lane.  it’s no more, and just like Arsenal when they moved to The Emirates and suffered years of transfer neglect, it’s hard to believe the same isn’t happening right now with the other North London club.

The league table was worth looking at last season but here’s a ‘league table’ that is on line virtually everywhere right now.

Look away now if you’re squeamish…

Manchester City – £203.8m

Chelsea – £144m

Manchester United – £129.5m

Everton – £99.9m

Arsenal – £52.7m

Liverpool – £44.3m

Tottenham – £0


5 thoughts on “Spurs are back in the Champions League but need one world class gob-smacking signing.

  • Voidhelix
    5 years ago

    100% accurate. Antonio Conte was right, regardless of what butthurt fans seem to think. Elite teams have the expectation of success, and the financial muscle to target and acquire WORLD CLASS talent. While Levy is the Chairman of Spurs, we’ll never be in that category. His 25% personal investment prevents actual risk.

  • Pez
    5 years ago

    I have to say given all considerations Dan Levy’s comments are a little half baked at best! We all know how ‘reticent’ he is in the transfer market, but given where we finished last season added to the notion of holding loftier ambitions going forward, I find it not only astonishing that we have singularly failed to add even one new quality addition to a squad that for me lacks the real depth and experience to further achieve. Despite the clear quality we have in Pochettino as a great manager I fear in every sense there is a very possible danger that unless we strengthen before the seasons starts we may well find ourselves in the position of chasing those that already have, and losing the very positive momentum gained. Spurs may well play some of the most attractive football out there, but they need the nitty gritty to pull out the hard wins if they are to succeed in winning trophies, I may well be wrong but relying on young academy players who just don’t look ready is not the answer, time to put up some cash Daniel and get in some new blood!

  • Brian
    5 years ago

    Which of these wonderful players have you noted that are available?

    How would they fit in the HG rules?

    What would they rxpect in pay?

  • Keith Bullen
    5 years ago

    Levy has been there for sixteen years, great balance sheet, but only one trophy. Enough said.

  • Ray
    5 years ago

    One world class player that would slot into the three behine the striker is Isco. Sign him now!!


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