Season ticket prices: Newcastle show fans respect – magnificent Magpies supporters deserve it

Date: Monday 7th March 2016 at 5:57 pm
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By Thomas Ryan

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SINCE we hit February and March many football clubs have announced the prices of season tickets for the next campaign so fans can plan ahead.

Newcastle United announced their prices at the start of February and revealed  that adult season ticket prices were going to be frozen whilst under-18s would see a reduction of up to 54 per cent on prices next season.

Newcastle’s managing director Lee Charnley made a statement upon release: “While the debate around Premier League tickets continues, we want to ensure watching football at St James’ Park remains affordable for as many people as possible.”

Newcastle’s nearest rivals Sunderland are another Premier League side to reduce season ticket prices. They have announced that their adult season tickets will start at £350 which means that its a decrease in price of £20.

Huddersfield Town are one of the latest clubs to announce prices and they have received a lot of positivity from fans towards the price plan.

They announced that at least 10,000 season tickets will be on sale for only £179 with the remaining costing between £295 and £560. The scheme was implemented in order to try and combat the struggling attendances that Huddersfield has been facing.

Bristol Rovers are a club that have announced frozen prices for the sixth year running. The new chairman of the club made a statement saying that the old owners were planning a small increase but due to the welcome the new owners have received that plan of the increase has been overturned as a gesture of goodwill from the Al-Qadi family.

With all this talk about ticket prices seeing the reduction of many surely will give fans some hope for the upcoming seasons but the main question is…fans, are you happy with this?

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2 thoughts on “Season ticket prices: Newcastle show fans respect – magnificent Magpies supporters deserve it

  • Geoff777
    4 years ago

    Newcastle show fans respect – no they don’t they treat us like scum.

    Charging membership fees so you can buy away game tickets.
    The club is a toxic mess.
    You’re not going to make friends in Newcastle with articles like this.

    Ashley will love you. Did he pay you?

  • mike
    4 years ago

    Ashley taking the p*** he knows the Newcastle fans will pay anything to support there team !!!! they probably buy tickets to watch paint dry if it was black and white !!!!!!


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