Scrap FIFA now… and start again with World Soccer Association – David Dein

Date: Saturday 31st October 2015 at 8:07 am
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FORMER Arsenal vice chairman David Dein – the respected administrator who held a similar post at the Football Association – reckons it is time to do away with scandal-hit FIFA and start from scratch with a renamed governing body.

In the Daily Mail, respected columnist Charles Sale speaks to Dein who pulls no punches.

The spread of scandalous rumour from FIFA’s discredited president Sepp Blatter to UEFA chief Michel Platini has proved too much for Dein.

And now Dein is said to be keen to explore levels of support for his radical proposal to dissolve FIFA and start again with an organisation that does not even bear that name.

Dein has been apparently considering this since he was sickened by the murky £1.35 million consultancy cheque paid by Blatter to Platini some NINE years late and with no written contract to validate it.

Then came, in the last few days, Blatter’s remarkable admission that there was a gentlemen’s agreement among the big players on the FIFA executive before the vote in December 2010 for the World Cup to go to Russia. In other words, a stitch-up.

Sale quotes Dein saying: “FIFA’s image is corrupted beyond repair. It has to be dissolved. There needs to be a clean start with a new untainted name such as the World Soccer Association.

“I will be talking to people and consulting lawyers to see what can be done. But it is the government agencies in the United States and Switzerland who can really make this happen.”

Dein has backing for this radical plan. MPs on the Department of Culture, Media and Sport select committee put forward the same suggestion this week.

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