Sansom – people with money “should make a contribution”

Date: Monday 13th April 2020 at 8:22 am
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Kenny Sansom on Wembley pitch with Arsenal fans,

Kenny Sansom has suggested that “anyone who has bundles of money should make a contribution” after calls for footballers to take pay cuts.

The former England left-back has watched the coronavirus crisis unfold, with expectations right up to 10 Downing Street that footballers should take pay cuts.

These calls have come after some clubs have saved money by having non-playing staff paid by the government’s furlough scheme.

A consensus has also grown that those on big money should make a greater contribution, because it’s the right thing to do.

Sansom, an international veteran with 86 international caps to his name, believes however that footballers aren’t the only ones earning big money who could do that.

Kenny wrote in his official blog: “The government wanted footballers to take a pay cut and I just think it’s a great gesture. They can afford it. I don’t think we could have done it in our day.

“But there’s bankers and companies that maybe don’t pay enough tax too. I think anyone who has bundles of money should make a contribution.

“I think everyone should play their role. All of us staying in our houses, we’re playing our role and that’s probably the hardest role. I’ve been out carefully for walks and the streets are empty.”

The football season remains in limbo, with all outcomes for titles, promotions and relegations up in the air, until the season returns.

Some observers still feel that the season cannot be completed and should be annulled, but Sansom cannot see that happening with so many vested financial interests.

Sansom continued: “It’s hard to tell when this football season will end. We don’t know when the crisis will end and what the football people should do. There’s so much money, they won’t rush into anything.

“If you ask the fans, they’ll say they’re missing their football. I do think the season will get played. With a winter World Cup coming up, they’ll have to work out the timing, to fit it all in.”

It’s hard to see when the coronavirus pandemic will calm down, while the UK remains on lockdown, but the former Arsenal captain can’t wait to enjoy basic daily life again.

He went on: “I’m looking forward to getting back to normal things, that’ll be great. Everyone is missing their normal life. Saying ‘Hello’ and ‘Good morning’ to people, without worrying that you’re too close.

“To go into supermarkets and be normal. There’s a few things that people will be happy to see, to get back to normal. Let’s hope that’ll be soon, but we have to keep to the advice in the meantime.”

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