Sansom: Palace’s home crowd will stay right behind them

Date: Saturday 10th February 2018 at 10:07 am
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Palace hero Kenny Sansom says the Eagles must give nothing away in the six hard games coming up and attack from set-pieces.

All the bottom half have to win games. It’s so close now, teams will be grovelling for points. ‘Do we sit behind the ball, or go attacking’? Every single day, these players involved will be thinking so much about the games. Anyone can go down out of 11. It’s what makes the Premier League so attractive.

From Everton’s point of view they got bashed by Arsenal. Palace should’ve beaten Newcastle. To lose Zaha is massive. He’s got talent. I’d love to work with him for half an hour a day, he‘s got so much improvement in him.

Zaha’s got so much talent, I’d love to bring it out of him. He needs to work on three little things. Looking up when he crosses it, making better decisions and getting into better positions, to make and score more goals.

Palace’s next six games are tough. Everton away, Spurs and Utd at home, Chelsea away, Huddersfield away and then Liverpool at home.

Roy Hodgson is a very experienced manager. The plan should be ‘when the game is open, we do not give anything away, we do not concede’. Then, we have a plan to attack from corners and free-kicks. Spurs want to finish above Arsenal and Utd will want to finish 2nd. Liverpool, on a good day, are huge.

The Palace crowd will play their part. The home support has always been very very good. The crowd in the corner, they’re mad. If the ball went through the keeper’s legs, they’d still cheer! The players play the first part, the fans will play the second. If you put in the effort, the fans will stay with you.

The bottom two might be taking shape now. I don’t think West Brom are a bad team, but they don’t get the results and don’t score goals. I don’t think Palace will go down – and obviously that’s partly because I don’t want them to – but I think they need another striker scoring goals.

If Wickham had been fit, he’d have been playing and would have really added to the team. I’d love him to be back for the last five games, that would be a massive boost. With Townsend and Zaha, you’d just say “cross it”!

Momentum affects runs of matches, so Palace must make sure they don’t lose at Everton. That must be Palace’s plan and show the fans that they care. Everton will want to respond to their big loss at Arsenal. Whoever does their job best on the day will come out on top.

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