Sansom: Palace must improve before they play Utd, City and Chelsea

Date: Sunday 10th September 2017 at 10:03 am
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Palace legend Kenny Sansom tells us exclusively that Frank de Boer must try something different if he is to keep his job.

Palace have lost their first three league matches and Burnley away on Sunday will not be easy. Burnley will have a lot of confidence in themselves.

Palace haven’t scored in three games. Burnley will be confident and feel that they can score, so it’s a problem.

That is not good news for Palace manager Frank de Boer. There have been rumours that losing at Burnley could see de Boer sacked. We have Huddersfield at home in the EFL Cup too soon and we know all about them.

I know it’s early in the season and people might say you can’t judge it too much, but we haven’t won a league game yet. The EFL Cup match might be the time to play some youngsters.

It will be interesting to me to see which team and shape de Boer plays at Burnley. If it goes badly there, the manager has to try something different.

I’ve said it here before, the players do not look as if they know what they are doing. It will be a very interesting week or so, to see how we do at Burnley, then Southampton at home and then Huddersfield in the cup.

At the end of September and start of October, we face Man City, Man Utd and Chelsea. Palace have to do something before then.

The most important thing is to get the players going out there to do their job. Every single one of them. De Boer must make quick decisions in a short period of time. I can’t make the manager’s decisions for him. That’s his job.

With defeats, you don’t want to give teams confidence to play you. You can only concentrate on the matches in front of you, but you have to bear in mind those three massive games coming up, against sides that are challenging for the title.

If the results go badly, I think the club would look at getting someone else in, as things are just not good enough unfortunately.

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