Sansom exclusive: Palace will stay up, no problem!

Date: Sunday 3rd December 2017 at 10:11 pm
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Palace legend Kenny Sansom is more confident than ever that the Eagles will pull out of danger, now they’re “playing more as a team”.

I think the confidence has come back into the Palace players. They seem to feel that they can win games. And if they can’t win, that they can get a point. They have 10 points now and are off the bottom of the table. They were up against their old manager at West Brom and that was a good point.

Palace are playing more as a team now. I always say that players must do their job. They’re not playing perfectly, but gradually over the last few games Palace are becoming a good team. And if you’re a good team, you can get good results. As I always say, they need to get more crosses in.

I think Roy Hodgson is clearly having an impact on the team. I’ve not been to the training ground, but Hodgson has clearly given the players confidence. Roy has been in the game a long long time and he must be giving them belief.

Benteke’s back now but it’s not him scoring. Zaha and Townsend are both going past players and they need to make the right decisions. Benteke tends to stay in the box and that can be frustrating. He can’t win the ball up against three or four defenders.

Now, there are two possibly three in the box. Benteke’s not been great this season, but he needs a partner. For me, he needs someone alongside him. Wickham alongside Benteke would help him.

I watched the City game against West Ham and City’s players talked to each other a lot and that’s what I’d like to see Palace’s players do a lot more of too. City are up there with Real Madrid and Barcelona. I really enjoyed watching them. It’ll be interesting to see them against Utd next week. For me, City will win the league.

Palace coming back late to draw with Everton and beat Stoke showed real character. The players can learn now to improve their own game and do something better each week. If your passing is not so good, stay behind longer at training and improve.

If you’re up against a teammate, you have to keep learning, to keep your place in the team. Even tiny little things each week. That’s why training is so important. Learning about yourself and each other is very important.

Palace now have Bournemouth and Watford at home. For me, we have better players and a better team than Bournemouth, so I am very confident about playing them on Saturday. Palace will stay up, no problem!

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