Sansom exclusive: Palace must ignore the table and perform

Date: Wednesday 11th October 2017 at 9:09 pm
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Palace hero Kenny Sansom tells Zap Sportz it’s too early to call the Eagles’ horror start of seven straight losses a relegation battle.

I’ve seen all of Palace’s games and I think we could have won at Burnley. There have been chances in the games, but Roy Hodgson and his team must get something into these players and build a feeling of “come on lads, let’s do this!”

Chelsea at home is Palace’s next game and they should treat it like it’s a boxing ring. “We’ve got to box our way out of this boxing match”. Every player must win his round.

Palace need more fight. Nobody’s a fool here, there has to be more from every single player. ‘Not bad’ won’t be enough. Every single player must win their fight. Palace have been smashed at City and United and I’ve seen no improvements in those games.

I’d say to the players “I want each and every one of you to go on that pitch and do your job. Make the player you’re playing against have a bad match. Make them have a nightmare. Do what you’ve got to do”.

The Palace fans still believe in the players, so the players must go out there and show them. Hodgson needs to shout out to the players, but also try to relax them. It’s very difficult to give players confidence, when you’ve lost seven games.

Palace are not far adrift, but they can only take one match at a time. I know from my troubles with alcohol, that it is all you can do. After our start, it’s irrelevant who we play, it’s the performances that we need. We have a decent run of matches from early November to late December, but we just can’t look that far ahead.

It’s too early to call a relegation battle. In the weeks ahead, I’m looking for a performance, individually and as a group. And that includes from the manager and his staff. The manager’s reactions need to reflect on the pitch. Ignore the table, go on the pitch and perform.

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