Sansom: Arsenal need Giroud on the pitch earlier

Date: Thursday 12th October 2017 at 9:50 pm
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Kenny Sansom's back on the Arsenal stadium artwork

Former Arsenal skipper Kenny Sansom tells Zap Sportz that more game time for 100-goal man Olivier Giroud is the key to keep improving.

Arsenal had a terrible start to the season, but then had a fantastic September. Everyone is talking about City and Utd at the top, but that quite suits Arsenal.

In fact, you could say that Arsenal had a quiet start, as the players weren’t talking to each other on the pitch and results suffered.

Arsenal will be quite happy for the talking off the pitch to be about the other clubs right now, as then they can quietly get on with improving.

I like Kolasinac as a left-back. I’d like to see him do more as an all-round player. More defending, better positioning. I’m sitting on the fence a bit at the moment with him.

I like how he gets his crosses in early, but you’ve got to have quality. You’ve got to speak to your striker in training, to know when you’ll be crossing, so that the striker knows when the ball is coming in. If a boxer doesn’t know when a punch is coming, he’ll be on the floor.

Giroud has now scored 100 goals for Arsenal and I’m pleased for him. He’s got a decent attitude and I like him. I’d like Giroud to start more, but I don’t mind him being on the bench, but just get him on earlier.

When we’re getting crosses in and you feel you can get into those danger areas, get Giroud on. Don’t wait. Don’t hang on for when someone is injured. Judge the moment and bring him on at the right time.

Sometimes you have to bring a player on when you can see that it is his sort of game. That’s common sense, don’t delay it. Get Giroud on when you can see there are opportunities he can take.

The likes of Stapleton and Quinny that I played with, they gave defenders a hard game. Players hate that. Right-backs used to hate playing against me, because I gave them a hard game. I’d push up right onto them, like a winger.

Giroud loves to give defenders a hard time, so Arsenal must make the most of that.

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