No winning trophy to show for their efforts in Holland – but lots of goals and fond memories for Will Hall

Date: Monday 12th June 2017 at 9:50 am
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Before I get into the main topic of this blog I would just like to start off with my Sunday League team. This season we have won the League and Cup to win the double for the first time!

We went unbeaten in the league and won 2-0 in the cup final against rivals Cowes who, in the first half, looked like they were going to win the game but in the second half we came out stronger and pushed on to get two goals and become cup champions!

Now it is time for the main part.

Last month I went with my Portsmouth JPL team to Holland for a trip and tournament which we were aiming to win. When we got there on the Thursday after a 12-hour coach trip we got to look around the place but then straight to bed because we had a long three days ahead.

On the Friday we had a quick one-hour training session in the morning and then went off to see FC Utrecht’s stadium and found out that they were playing on the Sunday to get into the Champions League but were 3-0 down from the first leg!

Later on we went to play a friendly, a warm-up match for the weekend tournament against a Dutch academy side, and we went onto win the game 1-0 with Raff, one of my friends on the island, scoring the winner. The first clean sheet and win of the tour set us off and got us ready for what we were up against.

in our first match we won 6-0 and I scored a goal which was voted the best goal of the tournament by my teammates! I ran past three people carrying it out of defence and from 10 yards outside the box I hit it and it flew into the top corner and the keeper could do nothing about it!

We went onto to win the rest of the games (3) and leave as the best team that day and qualify for the cup on the Sunday whereas the teams that came 4th and 5th in our group and 3rd and 4th in the other group went into the plate. We had one really tough match that day and it was against Hoogland FC and we managed to beat them in the end 1-0 but it was a hard fought battle in which I had to do a lot of defending for.

Going into our last match of the day we hadn’t conceded and wanted to keep it that way, for the first time in the tournament I started on the bench (not saying anything) and it was the first we conceded. There was a bit of controversy through the build up to the goal as the man was flagged offside and also our defender got the ball but nevertheless they got a free kick and we weren’t awake enough to defend it and we conceded from the free kick. That was that team’s only goal that day. We did win the game and I played up front in the last eight minutes of the game but didn’t get any clear cut chances to score.

On the Sunday we went into it (well some of us) thinking it would be the same as yesterday and we started off with a 0-0 draw because of it. We had quite a few chances but our forwards couldn’t finish on the day and that carried on into our second match, which was a must-win match, and we had five clear cut chances to win the game whilst they had not one shot on our goal and we still didn’t find the net!

In the third game we finally scored (5) but it was too little too late for us to get back into the tournament as Hoogland won their final game 1-0 and won the tournament. But we didn’t go out without a fight as we beat the final team we played against 4-0 with me scoring a penalty in that match and we finished unbeaten in the whole tournament and beat everyone there but still finished second!

I have now officially got two goals in Europe/abroad and overall I think the tournament was a success as we played really well throughout and I didn’t concede a goal. I have now finished for the season and am looking to relax for now and enjoy having a break.

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