Neymar’s transfer from Barcelona to PSG makes a mockery of what was ‘the beautiful game’

Date: Wednesday 2nd August 2017 at 1:30 pm
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WE posed the question here on Zapsportz a few days ago – has the football world gone mad? Now we know it has.

We were talking about the exorbitant transfer fees being paid, and talked about, as Europe’s top clubs go for broke.

Now it’s gone to a whole new level with the news that Paris St Germain are prepared to pay £198 million for Barcelona’s Brazilian midfielder Neymar.

This has gone beyond a joke! You could buy about ten half decent football clubs in this country for that money!

But for one player???

Neymar is an exceptional talent, there’s no doubting that, but for PSG to spend such a ludicrous amount is blowing the transfer market apart.

Neymar went to Barca’s training ground this morning but didn’t join his teammates in the session and, after talks with club bosses, he is on his way to Paris to finalise a deal.

I don’t blame Barcelona, who wouldn’t cash in on an asset for such a monumental sum?

It seems that Neymar doesn’t like playing second fiddle at the Nou Camp to Lionel Messi – and wants to be the main man. He’s asked to leave.

But £198million? Do me a favour. You could build a quality Premier League team for that money – and still have enough dosh left over for the chairman to buy a yacht.

Apparently, Barcelona bosses have told the PSG moneybags they will have to pay the £198m transfer fee ‘in full’ if they want to take him to the French capital.

It’s money madness and god knows where it will end. It has to be about the money – for Barca and the player. Oh, not forgetting the middle man – Neymar’s dad – who stands to make a fortune.

Where’s it all going to end?

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