Money PSG paid for Neymar is insane – he wouldn’t even make Glenn Hoddle’s top five players in the world

Date: Monday 7th August 2017 at 12:34 pm
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Zapsportz team leader Glenn Hoddle reckons the transfer market, globally, has gone crazy following Neymar’s predicted move to Paris St Germain.

Where’s it all going to end? And can the governing bodies – aka UEFA and FIFA – do anything about it?

PSG’s owners, clearly with more money than sense, believe they have signed the best player in the world. Glenn is not so convinced.

Understandably so given the fact Neymar has cost £198miilion – and will receive a salary of £26million A YEAR.

It’s beyond comprehension. And for the former Barcelona player to say he didn’t move for the money defies belief.

Of course it was about the money. Not the challenge.

Mail on Sunday correspondent Glenn commented: “Just when we thought the transfer market had gone mad in England, with full-backs being bought for £54million, the Neymar deal came along to throw everything into some kind of warped perspective.

“I wouldn’t even have Neymar in the top five players in the world. Apart from the obvious two, I’d take Luis Suarez, Sergio Aguero and Eden Hazard ahead of him.

“Neymar has taken himself off to a league where he will not be challenged. When I was in France there was a good mix, with Marseille, Monaco, Paris Saint-Germain, Bordeaux and Toulouse challenging.

“That is not the case now, especially with Monaco selling half their team. And he will find it hard to win the Champions League with PSG. He may say it is not about money but it certainly looks as though it is.

“And while transfer spending has always shocked us, from Trevor Francis’s £1m move to Nottingham Forest in 1979, to Alan Shearer’s £15m move to Newcastle in 1996, unlimited spending by clubs backed by sovereign states cannot be good for the rest of the game.

“PSG have already had one sanction for abusing Financial Fair Play rules. You would have to believe UEFA will be looking very hard at their books this summer.”



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