Many Zapsportz readers agree with our man regarding the current state of English football

Date: Thursday 23rd February 2017 at 6:58 pm
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OUR new man James Passey’s article under the headline – ‘Are English football fans starting to fall out of love with the beautiful game?’ – certainly provoked a response from Zaps readers.

Within James’ story he referred to a Liverpool fan who described his club and the current top six as tourist clubs.

He stated: “He’s not wrong. Too many hospitality areas, people turning up with selfie sticks, it’s killing the atmosphere and it’s killing the game.

“When it comes to the revenue of a club there has to be a fine balance between making money and not losing the hardcore fan base. This seems to be happening too much in this era and it’s taking the soul out of clubs. Many people I know now choose to watch grass roots football because of these very reasons.”

His comments struck a chord with a number of readers – not least a man who goes by the social media name of Uncle Les…

‘Been saying for years that football at the highest level is experiencing a slow death due to excessive unsustainable finances introduced by elitist playboys and foreign money launderers.

‘English football fans have had their clubs hijacked, no stolen from them and have been replaced by football tourists.

Everyone should now reject the Premier League and go back to their local non-league team. That’s the only way we can keep our game alive for the future generations’

Uncle Les

‘Yes. I hate football and everything about it now. I don’t even support a top flight club! I’ve tried watching other leagues and just don’t have the interest. European football atmospheres seem manufactured.

I’d rather watch the cricket instead. In India for the last test match sat with a Sheffield United fan and his wife we had pretty much the very conversation’


‘Whilst I don’t necessarily agree with the fact that the modern games is being ‘killed’ I do feel that football at the highest level in this country has alienated many fans.

‘It’s hard to relate to the players like we did back in the day – but there’s no halting the juggernaut now. Where the road takes us from now on, heaven only knows. But please don’t destroy our beautiful game’



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