Manchester United or City, Chelsea or Spurs? If it is not about Arsenal I don’t care!

Date: Thursday 17th August 2017 at 2:56 pm
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I am an Arsenal fan, a Gooner, one of the red and white army; that is all there is to it. I want to win every game that we play, in fact at one minute to kick off, I expect to win every game.

Whether it is against Barca or Bayern or Sutton or Lincoln, I always think that victory will be ours. I have been this way since Charlie George rifled in the winner at Wembley on that glorious May afternoon in 1971. I don’t know who chose who or why (my parents had no interest in football and I was from a neutral part of the country), but that’s it – for life.

So here’s the rub! Either despite this or because of it, I do not care one iota about any other club.

I feel no rivalry with any one team, except that one that we are playing next. Last season, like the previous 12 before it, we didn’t win the League. Did I care? Yes, I was gutted, but did I care that Chelsea won it? Did I ****!

I didn’t care who finished in the Champions League positions, only that we didn’t. Although I do confess to being genuinely excited about going to watch the Arse in Iceland or Kazakhstan this coming Autumn.

I cared that we won the FA Cup for the third time in four years – I celebrated well into June. I was deeply annoyed (and still am) at the lack of respect that we have received for winning this country’s second greatest trophy for a record 13th time, but I didn’t care who we beat to win it in any round (including the Final). That is irrelevant to me.

Likewise, with transfers. Did City overpay for Kyle Walker, not my business – don’t care! Was Lukaku a bargain at £75 million, what’s it got to do with me – nothing! We will face them an absolute maximum of six times next season, although probably only twice or three times. These signings will help shape and define the season for their respective clubs, but will have a minimal impact on ours.

Finally, the ‘big’ tv matches, Super Sunday et al. If we are playing, then I am all over it – the rest of the world grinds to a halt, nothing else matters. But if we are not, it could be United v City, Bury v Rochdale, AFCW v MKD, or Macclesfield v Chester, there is no interest from me.

So, have all the banter that you like, wallow in your ‘rivals’ misery if that is what you get off on, but just don’t involve me. I am Arsenal and if you are not, then I simply don’t care about you or what you think. Stick to your own team, chances are that it might be a subject that you know a little about.

Rant Over!

Simon Boynton



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