Manchester United are more powerful as a brand than a team – all down to Jose Mourinho and Co now

Date: Wednesday 7th June 2017 at 8:43 am
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MANCHESTER United may be behind the likes of Real Madrid, Barcelona and Bayern Munich in terms of recent achievements on the pitch….

But, off the field, MUFC are top of the tree when it comes to finance – the most valuable football team in the world.

That’s according to business magazine Forbes who have confirmed that United (valued at £2.86 billion) have returned to the top of the annual list for the first time in five years.

Barcelona are second with a worth of $3.64bn (£2.82bn) whilst Champions League winners Real $3.58bn (£2.77bn) went down to third. That could all change next year.

Six English teams are in the top ten, with Manchester City, Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool and Tottenham joining United.

German champions Bayern Munich were fourth, while Italian title winners Juventus were ninth.

“Manchester United’s return to the top spot is a testament to their powerful brand and marketing acumen,” Forbes Media assistant managing editor Mike Ozanian said in a statement sent to Zapsportz.

Leicester, English Premier League champions in 2016, were 19th and West Ham 15th.

Forbes’ top 10 most valuable football teams

  1. Manchester United $3.69bn (£2.86bn)
  2. Barcelona $3.64bn (£2.82bn)
  3. Real Madrid $3.58bn (£2.77bn)
  4. Bayern Munich $2.71bn (£2.1bn)
  5. Manchester City $2.08bn (£1.61bn)
  6. Arsenal $1.93bn (£1.5bn)
  7. Chelsea $1.85bn (£1.43bn)
  8. Liverpool $1.49bn (£1.15bn)
  9. Juventus $1.26bn (£976m)
  10. Tottenham $1.06bn (£821m)


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