Lampard accepts he’s under the microscope at Chelsea

Date: Sunday 5th April 2020 at 8:58 am
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Frank Lampard hugs Jose Mourinho

Frank Lampard admits he’s under intense scrutiny at Chelsea, but feels he’s learned well from all the managers in his playing career.

Chelsea sit 4th in the currently paused Premier League table, which is very good going for Lampard’s first season as a top-flight manager.

Lampard has opened up about the dramatically-changing face of football management, in writing the foreword to Harry Harris’s new Chelsea book published this weekend, ‘The Boss: Chelsea managers from Ted Drake to Frank Lampard’.

Lampard had a powerful, dynamic and close relationship with Jose Mourinho, but he fell out with Andre Villas-Boas. The Stamford Bridge legend understands that period better now though, as a manager himself.

Lampard writes: “It’s certainly a vastly different era now, with a lot more structure to the clubs and managers much more under the microscope than at any other time in the game’s history.

“Of course, as I played for 13 years at this club, I played for many managers and I did have my issues from time to time, such as experiencing a tough period when Villas-Boas was the manager and he left me out of the team.

“So it would be true to say we did have a conflict, but now I see it from the other side of the fence and see it differently than I would have done as a player.”

Lampard is fully aware that football is highly scrutinised, with expectations often hyped, but he feels that he has learned valuable lessons from relationships with past Chelsea managers.

Frank added: “The job of management has also become far more intense over the last 20 years, especially in the Abramovich era.

“There are high expectations, which brings high levels of pressure, which in turn makes for some difficult decisions for managers, who need a very strong squad of players with strong personalities.

“Having played under so many managers, I have gained a great deal of experience. They have all given me food for thought on how they approach the job in different ways.

“I don’t think a Chelsea manager 25 years ago would have needed the same qualities he would need now.

“I’ve taken many qualities from the managers I’ve played under. Some I would disagree with, others would think they had the right approach, but all those aspects in their different ways are an aid to the way I would like to manage myself.”

‘The Boss: Chelsea managers from Ted Drake to Frank Lampard’‘ is out now, written by Harry Harris, with a foreword by Frank Lampard and an introduction by Ivor Baddiel. Published by Empire Publications.

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