Klopp can fire Liverpool into top four – Hoddle

Date: Thursday 8th October 2015 at 8:05 pm
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Jurgen Klopp and Brendan Rodgers

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JURGEN Klopp can galvanise Liverpool and fire them into the top four – if he can get the players on board quickly, argues Zapsportz.com columnist Glenn Hoddle.

In an exclusive video interview with kicca.com today, the former England manager says Brendan Rodgers (pictured with Klopp, above) deserved more time than just eight games this season, but also feels that Klopp is the perfect fit for Liverpool.

Hoddle, the former manager of Chelsea and Spurs, argues: “Brendan being sacked was a little bit of a surprise for me at the time, I would have understood if it had been another 10 games down the road.

“They backed him with some money in the summer and from my perspective as an ex-manager, I would have wanted more time to see whether it would work out or not.

“Klopp coming in is a good acquisition although you don’t know if he is going to be as successful as he was in Germany – where he did such a fanatic job winning the league twice against Bayern Munich…no small feat.

“It didn’t go so well at the end [of his time there] but he lost a lot of good payers, and its always down to the quality of the players.

“It’s a good squad he’s taking over at Liverpool and also, at this moment, there is no team in the Premier League showing any consistency. In fact, it’s the most inconsistent it has been in the last five, six or seven years.

“I thought Manchester City wer showing consistency at the start, but that isn’t happening now and they had a surprise result against Tottenham. Chelsea are not out there; Arsenal are insonsistent and Manchester United were tested for the first time …and lost heavily to Arsenal.

“Liverpool under Klopp need to find that elusive consistency, he needs to rein in the players, pick his best team and then there could be a little open door to sneak into that top four.

“There is still a lot of work to be done there, but I can see some exciting times now at Liverpool.”

Well Glenn and the rest of us will not have long to wait. Once the internatioal break is over, he will be straight in at the deep end.

One thought on “Klopp can fire Liverpool into top four – Hoddle

  • SP
    6 years ago

    IF!!! he can adopt and adapt to the English game! Even then I just don’t think Liverpool’s current squad is really good enough TBH.


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