Kane reaches 100 goals for Tottenham. No definitely!

Date: Tuesday 12th September 2017 at 12:51 pm
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Harry Kane reached 100 goals for Tottenham with his double at Everton, but his BBC interview revealed a bizarre inability to answer “Yes”!

Match Of The Day presenter Gary Lineker interviewed Kane immediately after the match and every time Kane’s first response could have been “Yes”, he responded “No definitely”.

Many interviewees use a holding phrase while deciding how to answer a question. Steven Gerrard and Wayne Rooney often start with a long “aiirrrm”, while “Y’know” was a classic stock phrase for David Beckham.

Kane’s use of “No definitely” instead of “Yes” is just a tongue-in-cheek observation of course, but becomes amusing given that it is an oxymoron, a direct contradiction of what he actually means.

So, no definitely, here are some key excerpts of that Lineker interview…

“Your 100th goal for Tottenham today Harry – had to happen in September of course – you must be delighted…”

“…No definitely. Yeah it’s nice to get off the mark in the Premier League. A bit of a lucky one, a flukey one going in. Look, sometimes they go for you. Like I said, in August it didn’t seem to drop for me but, yeah, straightaway, first game in September, it seemed to work. So, no, very pleased.”

“It was a terrific performance from Tottenham. Important as well, going into two coming up at Wembley…”

“…No definitely. Obviously, we hadn’t won since the first game of the season as well and, after an international break, sometimes there’s a few rusty nerves, but we went out there and we played fantastic…”

“And for you personally, in terms of confidence, it’s important to get going isn’t it…”

“…No definitely. Obviously there’s talk about August, so I’m glad that month’s out of the way now. No, it is what it is as a striker and you’ve just got to be ready and patient for chances…”

Kane’s automatic choice of words is just an innocent classic stalling device, before he decides how to answer a question, but who knows what Kane could miss out on in life, by saying “No definitely” instead of what he means – a simple “Yes”!

“Harry, you can have £10m. In cash. Right now. All you have to do, is just answer with the word ‘Yes’!…”

“…No definitely.”

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