Glenn Hoddle’s record as England manager is up there with the best – only Fabio Capello has done better since Sir Alf

Date: Wednesday 14th June 2017 at 11:49 am
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EVER since the great Sir Alf Ramsey led England to World Cup success in that famous summer of 1966, many have tried – and subsequently failed – to recreate former glories.

Some have come close…Bobby Robson at Italia 90 and Terry Venables at Euro 96, to name just two.

So where do England, under Gareth Southgate, stand now in the great scheme of things?

World Cup qualifiers, certainly. World Cup winners. Unlikely.

We have seen it all before; hope before the heroic failure.

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A new generation of players carry those hopes – and dreams – under Southgate who should be given time to prove himself.

Just as ‘El Tel’ should have been allowed time to develop and enhance what was a magnificent group of players…

…just as Glenn Hoddle should have been given the time and opportunity to do likewise.

Ironically, Sam Allardyce is the only England manager with a 100 per cent record – but, then, he was in charge for only one game!!!

Zapsportz team leader Glenn’s record as national boss stands up there with the best.

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Let’s have a quick look at the stats in terms of win percentage…since the Ramsey reign which procured a 61.1 per cent win rate.

Don Revie (1974-1977) 29 games – 48.3 per cent

Ron Greenwood (1977-1982) 55 games – 60 per cent

Bobby Robson (1982-1990) 95 games – 49.5 per cent

Graham Taylor (1990-1993) 38 games – 47.4 per cent

Terry Venables (1994-1996) 23 games – 47.8 per cent

Glenn Hoddle (1996-1999) 28 games – 60.7 per cent

Kevin Keegan (1999-2000) 18 games – 38.9 per cent

Sven-Goran Eriksson (2001-2006) 67 games – 59.7 per cent

Steve McClaren (2006-2007) 18 games – 50 per cent

Fabio Capello (2008-2012) 42 games – 66.7 per cent

Roy Hodgson (2012-2016) 56 games – 59.9 per cent

Gareth Southgate (2016-onwards) 4 games – 50 per cent






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