Gazza admits Italia ’90 tears were over career not final

Date: Sunday 31st May 2020 at 10:29 pm
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Front and back cover of Harry Harris book about Italia '90

Paul Gascoigne has revealed his Italia ’90 tears were over fears it would damage his career rather than possibly missing the World Cup Final.

Gazza has given an emotional exclusive interview to Zapsportz’s Harry Harris, to celebrate the 30th anniversary of one of English football’s greatest moments.

The truth behind Gazza’s tears in Turin has been told for the first time in the foreword to a new book, Italia ’90 Revisited: The Players’ Stories.

The distinct reason for Gazza’s tears is not, as everyone believed at the time, that his booking against Germany’s Thomas Berthold meant he would miss the final, should England have reached it.

Gazza says: “I cried, but not because I was missing the final as everyone thinks. I cried because I felt I had let down the fans, my team-mates, the manager, everybody.

“I cried because I thought it was the end of my career, that I would never have another chance to play in a team like that, on the world stage like that – with and also against such world-class footballers. And, of course, I was right to have that feeling.”

The book goes straight into the heart of the England dressing room and team hotel, to reach the entire England squad, to get the true stories from inside Bobby Robson’s camp.

The interviews are funny, revelatory and offer a fascinating insight into the game in the late 80s and 90s, plus how Italia ’90 had such a profound effect in the United Kingdom.

The author is credited with inventing ‘GazzaMania’ after the England star’s exploits at Italia ’90, those famous Tears of Turin and the infamous false boobs at the players’ heroes homecoming.

Harry’s new book Italia ’90 Revisited: The Players’ Stories reveals the truth around the fabled drinking culture, secret hotel antics, fun and games at Bobby Robson’s expense and the crazy practical jokes.

After 30 years, the players were willing to give the real inside track. None more so than Gazza, who finished his foreword with a twist on a quote from the great Pele.

Gazza added: “Pele would always say ”There’s only one Pele and there will only ever be one Pele”. Well, there will never be another Paul Gascoigne. And if there is, they will need to be in rehab nine times!”

Italia ’90 Revisited: The Players’ Stories, by Harry Harris, foreword by Paul Gascoigne. Out now, in paperback and Kindle.

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