Fans crushed at The Den as Millwall beat Birmingham

Date: Tuesday 24th October 2017 at 5:02 pm
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Millwall saw off Birmingham at The Den on Saturday but visiting fans were crushed after the game, calling supporter safety into question.

At the final whistle, fans were allowed to leave the stadium but were penned in a tiny area, causing panic and distress. Police barged through the crowds and people were hurt as they passed through. Fans were already upset.

When Police horses arrived, fans were beginning to be crushed, as the area they were in was already tightly packed. The Police were jostling their horses near the fans, causing even more distress.

Eventually, Police opened the exit to let fans out, but lots of fans were crushed in an attempt to get out of the gate, as Police were partly in the way.

Policing at games needs to consider the safety of supporters. In games such as Millwall, Police need to be aware of the dangers before they happen, rather than when they are happening. Fan safety should be the most important priority at matches.

On the pitch, Birmingham hoped to continue their fantastic performance against Cardiff just over a week ago, but Millwall outplayed them, winning 2-0.

There were few chances for Blues throughout the match and the performance was incredibly poor. No player looked as though they wanted to be there and Millwall were able to counter on this.

Millwall didn’t play especially well, but they were able to use the passion from their home support to power on and win the game. Birmingham City just did not turn up.

Key players like David Davis were incredibly poor, with awful passing and a lacklustre performance. Maxime Colin, supposedly Birmingham’s defensive saviour, had his worst game in a Blues shirt so far.

The biggest talking point of the fixture, however, has to be the danger the fans were put in after the match.

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