EXCLUSIVE: Was there a plot to get rid of Gerrard at Liverpool? Marcus Gayle says Stevie G is a victim of a battle for supremacy!

Date: Saturday 10th January 2015 at 12:35 pm
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STEVEN Gerrard may have been the victim of an internal power struggle for control of the Anfield dressing room, according to Marcus Gayle, the BBC pundit at the Wimbledon-Liverpool FA Cup tie.

Gayle has been in a dressing room full of egos when he arrived at Wimbledon in the last throws of the Crazy Gang. He says he can recognise the signs of a battle for supremacy.


Marcus Gayle watched Steven Gerrard inspire Liverpool to victory at Wimbledon

Gayle tells Zapsports.com: “There must be something behind the scenes that has triggered the departure of Steven Gerrard (pictured above with Liverpool boss Brendan Rodgers), I am sure of that, because it doesn’t make much sense.

“It is only six months ago that he quit as England captain, retired as an England player, all in order to prolong his Liverpool career.

“Everyone at Anfield applauded that decision; that he put his club before his country, a tough decision for Stevie G.

“Yet here we are soon after that decision and he has been eased out of the club.”

Gayle wonders if Gerrard’s considerable influence at Liverpool may have actually counted against his immediate future at the club.

“Many people think that Stevie G might be managerial material, or at least be part of a managerial set up,” Gayle reasoned. “And that might have happened sooner rather than later if the current manager was replaced in the summer.

“I am not saying this is all down to Brendan Rodgers, but there must be some underlying issues that have yet to emerge.

“There is more to it than we have been told, there is something missing. Because this player is not just a Liverpool legend, he is an England legend, not just an inspiration to his club but has been an inspiration to his country.

“It doesn’t make sense to allow such a big influence to leave Liverpool, and I can see him back at Anfield before too long.”

With Gerrard booked to make his lucrative move to LA Galaxy, that will have to wait at least a while. But Gayle is clearly convinced that the influence and respect commanded by Gerrard at Liverpool may have been a factor in his decison to move on – at least for the time being.

4 thoughts on “EXCLUSIVE: Was there a plot to get rid of Gerrard at Liverpool? Marcus Gayle says Stevie G is a victim of a battle for supremacy!

  • simon craddock
    5 years ago

    it’s quite possible there’s an problem between both of them.
    Had Liverpool been consistently sucessful like Manchester United then he may have accepted being a bit part player like Giggs and Scholes towards the end of their careers or an impact player like Lampard but has looked at his trophy cabinet and knows to win more medals he needs to leave hence the problem.
    There’s also probably a tinge of regret having committed himself to Liverpool for all these years but can currently leave with his head held high and with an untarnished reputation.

  • Don reston
    5 years ago

    stevie g has carried our club for the last 10 years so his decision to have 18 months somewere else playin every week then good luck to him but come back in a coaching role at lfc cant wait

    • Shane
      5 years ago

      100% correct, Stevie needs time away. But Lfc must have role for him when he does hang up his boots.

  • declan
    5 years ago

    Stevie G, will never be away form the club for too long. Hes going to LA to finish up with a bumper package. could any footballer knock what he’s been offered in the later stages of a thier career?


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