Don’t overlook the fact Arsenal have won more trophies than any other English club in the last four seasons

Date: Thursday 27th July 2017 at 11:34 am
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By Simon Boynton

‘No-one likes us – we don’t care’, a well-known chant adopted by Millwall and Leeds United fans, has long been a unifying defence mechanism against opposition supporters, but outside of their small EFL communities, no-one else genuinely cares about them.

In the real world of the Premier League it is a different landscape altogether. The established media – primarily TV and newspapers – still drive the agenda and as everyone knows Manchester United, Liverpool and Spurs are the darlings who can do no wrong, whilst their traditional city rivals of City, Everton and Arsenal are simply shot down at every opportunity.

As an aside, anything that Chelsea do seems to be met with total ambivalence – in all quarters.

Since I care not for either of the blue halves of Manchester or Liverpool, I will focus purely on the spite regularly dispatched in the direction of the mighty Gooners.

This is not a new phenomenon. I can still recall an article from 2002 by a nameless (I still know exactly who you are) football hack from The Sun recounting ‘yet another Champions League humiliation’ for us.

In fact the humiliation was an Quarter Final exit on away goals (2-1 at home, 0-1 away) against Valencia when John Carew scored with just 14 minutes left of the second leg.

Leap forward 15 years and it just gets worse. The refurb of White Hart Lane is promoted like they are creating a footballing version of Xanadu, whilst Jurgan Klopp’s arrival at Anfield is heralded as the greatest appointment since Winston Churchill was made PM in May 1940.

At least Jose has brought some silverware to Old Trafford!

And that is the point – trophies! Whilst All Arsenal fans are fully aware of our failings in both the Premier and Champions’ Leagues, over the last four seasons Arsenal have won more silverware than any other English club.

Yes, you heard me right!

These are the facts: of the four domestic and two European trophies available since the 2013-14 season, the totals are…

Arsenal – five trophies (3xFAC, 2xCS)

United – four trophies (1xFAC, 1xFLC, 1xUEL, CS)

City – three trophies (1xEPL, 2xFLC)

Chelsea – three trophies (2xEPL, 1xFLC)

Leicester – one trophy (1xEPL)

And yes, completely empty trophy rooms at the Lane and Anfield. Show me anywhere that the mainstream media has bother to point that out.

Rant over!


2 thoughts on “Don’t overlook the fact Arsenal have won more trophies than any other English club in the last four seasons

  • Bazza Cuda
    5 years ago

    Hahaha. You’re saying that FA Cup wins are better than Chelsea’s two EPL wins or Man City’s one EPL ?
    Have you counted up how many Scout badges you have, too ?

  • Simon Pressman
    5 years ago

    Cooking, orienteering and first aid….seeing as you asked.


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