Danny Rose only said what his Tottenham teammates are thinking, says Glenn Hoddle

Date: Tuesday 15th August 2017 at 9:53 pm
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The Press Association has reported on how Zapsportz.com columnist Glenn Hoddle believes Danny Rose’s comments about Tottenham’s pay structure and transfer strategy will not have gone down badly with his teammates.

The Spurs and England defender Rose apologised for any offence caused by a controversial interview he gave on the eve of the new Premier League season.

But former Tottenham player and manager Hoddle, a regular here on Zapsportz.com ,has suggested Rose’s teammates may agree with the 27-year-old.

In his Mail on Sunday column, Hoddle wrote: “Danny Rose will not have walked into an angry dressing room on Thursday morning.

“In fact, deep down his teammates will be thinking ‘well done, Danny. You’ve put your head above the parapet but you’re only saying what we’re all thinking’.

“We can all agree that the timing was wrong, coming at the start of the season and after six months of injury. Few would argue with the sentiment.”

Of course here on Zapsportz.com the new Rant Column has been banging on about how Spurs are the only top club anywhere apart from the Jelly Baby South League who haven’t signed a single player in this transfer window.
Notoriously, Spurs do their business late to try to force through a brain but the managers need their players to slot in in pre-season.
Now the Premier League clubs want their own transfer window deadline and to make it just before the kick off.  Makes sense.
Spurs had a great start at St. James’s Park, but mainly thanks to a red card, and facing a poor team whose transfer acquisitions are just as bad as Spurs.
Naturally, Spurs have a strong starting pine  up  but not great back up and with a Champions league season ahead will be stretched to the limits.

5 thoughts on “Danny Rose only said what his Tottenham teammates are thinking, says Glenn Hoddle

  • Brian
    5 years ago

    Hoddle was a good player but not much of a manager and a bit daft as a pundit.

    Rose was silly to have that outburst.

    I seem to remember Rafael Ferdinand van der Vaart arriving 2 hours before the deadline and he did pretty well. Others, such as Soldado, just did not achieve no matter how long they had. It seems the same with Sissoko and Janssen. The jury is still out on Lamlea.

    I think we will get a couple of decent signings this window. If you add the youngsters coming through, I suspect we will have a great squad. If we do not get the signings we will still do ok, but I doubt we will win the PL.

    • Seamus Bonner
      5 years ago

      a lot of our players were happy to sign new 4 and 5 year contracts over the past 12 months, including Rose, who by the way hasn’t even played for the past 5 months and surely they must have been happy with the terms within these new contracts, otherwise they wouldn’t have signed them.

  • c b waters
    5 years ago

    Rose was wrong, full stop. Wrong about querying his ‘worth’ ..when he’s drawn well over a million pounds in wages off Tottenham for simply being on the sidelines for the past 5 months. Wrong that he didn’t think of the fans and his club when he spoke of ‘worth’. Wrong in that he signed a contract, quite happily, nearly a year ago for the amazing amount of £65k pw, and wasn’t complaining then. Wrong in that he didn’t show dignity in keeping his own counsel, and by approaching Spurs in a more discreet and brave manner (because he wasn’t ‘brave’ doing what he did, going public, it was cowardice). Wrong in that he chose his ‘moment’ to coincide with the start of the PL season, attempting maximum embarrassment for Spurs, his employer. Wrong that he couldn’t state how much he owed Spurs eg. our development/loaning policy, and Poch’s efforts in developing, nurturing and bringing his talent to fruition. Otherwise Rose would be possibly right now in the Championship drawing perhaps a tenth of his current wage. Wrong in his lack of loyalty to the club that’s made him what he is. Wrong in his stupid ‘joke’ about googling players (because on that basis he would not have signed Alli or Dier, but would have signed Sissoko). So wrong on all counts. Sure, you should fight your corner ..but do it properly, with honour and dignity, not in this cowardly way with an awful newspaper ..and, yes, you’re entitled to your opinion about the transfer market. But at least try and understand how the market (clubs, agents, scouts, finances etc.) works! You’re a good footballer Danny, and a very well paid one. But when you’re fit, you OWE Tottenham big time ..so shut up, buy in to this great and exciting Spurs project (this could be the best time in your 10 year journey with our club) and play your heart out so that this group, or squad, of players will ALL benefit, and get the extra rewards which will surely come.

  • DCross
    5 years ago

    Personally I believe Danny and his agent saw an opportunity in the Kyle Walker move to City to stoke up the fire, Danny is a decent left back but hardly Gareth Bale, get fit, be more consistent, make less error’s, learn your trade, help the team improve on last seasonand trust the gaffer.

  • Steve collins
    5 years ago

    Poor Danny having to get struggle by on 65 grand a week, life,s a bitch ain’t it you greedy twat . Try doing a real weeks work for minimum wage then you really would have something to bitch about. You ain’t a bad player Danny , but we have had better at the lane and your certainly no legend.


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