Chinese debts emphasise need for local players’ association – FIFPro is there to help

Date: Thursday 27th July 2017 at 11:21 am
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FIFPro is ready to offer assistance to professional footballers in China and other parts of the
world where local player associations do not yet exist.

Media reports this week revealed several Chinese Super League clubs are falling behind on
payments, and FIFPro wishes to ensure that affected players have somewhere to turn to for
help, if needed.

The Asian Football Confederation (AFC) recently warned clubs in the region to settle all
debts by August 31, or face disqualification from AFC matches, a move FIFPro welcomes.

In an official statement from FIFPro, sent directly to Zapsportz, the organisation wrote….

Overdue payables is a global concern with 41 per cent of the nearly 14,000 players surveyed by
FIFPro, in 2016, stating they had experienced unpaid wages and bonuses in the last two

In Asia, FIFPro conducted a separate study in 2015, of over a 1000 players in nine countries,
that revealed 26 per cent of players on the continent had recently been subjected to overdue pay.

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Players in China do not have the benefit of a local players’ association to protect their

In light of China’s strong commitment to developing football, FIFPro would like to work with
local authorities, the AFC, FIFA, and other relevant stakeholders, to help China achieve the
highest possible standards of football governance.

In time, the establishment of an association which protects the players and ensures their
voices are represented in administering the sport would be beneficial to further enhance
China’s plan to become a global football powerhouse.

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