Bring back Bale!  Bid for Messi?  How about Ronaldo?  Ok Isco would be a great signing

Date: Friday 11th August 2017 at 1:45 pm
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By Lilly Black
Can’t wait for the new season.  It’s been a long wait, but the Premier League is back.  Oh what joy.  Spurs finished second with all the pundits saying they were the best team, with the best style, the best defence, best exciting attack, and best young manager…..
Come off it!   I’ve been ranting for weeks now about Spurs being the only top team, well, only bottom team, or mid table team, or any team anywhere outside the Jelly Baby ‘soft centre’ South League not to have bought a single layer this summer.
Now even the players inside the Lane, sorry, Wembley, are saying the same thing – where are the big money, marquee signings to take the team to the next level and become genuine title contenders.
Bring back Bale!  Bid for Messi?  How about Ronaldo?  Ok Isco would be a great signing.
Sadly nothing.  Zero. A big fat blank.  While the others spend the billions from the TV funds, as usual we wait for the last minute bargains no one else wants.
Now this morning we wake up to this headline…

Tottenham stars plot exodus after Rose hits out at low wages and lack of summer spending compared to rivals

So for all those Spurs fans who ranted over my rants about how the team spirit is about to nosedive and how the knock on effect will not be a tilt at the title, but a finish outside of the top four and closer to mid table than the top.
If you read beyond the headline it is all assumption, without much foundation, that there will be anything like a mass exodus.
But the signs are there that perhaps I might have been right in saying that the best players will give it one more season and if there is still no sign of silverware, then they will be looking over their shoulders at the prospect of not just doubling their wages but also being in contention for some glory.
Remember ‘glory’, it used to be the ‘Glory Glory Tottenham Hotpurs, but it’s far from that these days.
Rant is far from over, stay tuned…

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