The miracle of the Camp Nou – Barcelona, Messi and Co defy all logic

Date: 9th March 2017 at 8:49 am
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NOWHERE else to start our social media search for today than the Camp Nou – the scene of what is being regarded as the ‘greatest comeback’ of all time’.

Barcelona’s 6-1 win against PSG after their 5-1 humiliation in Paris was indeed a ‘miracle’.


Barcelona performed like the team of superstars they are – orchestrating one of the greatest comebacks of all time.

Let’s give them the credit they deserve. 

The I

Daily Mirror

 ‘Instinctive passion at its most authentic’

Football, Andy West, Spanish football writer in Barcelona

All around me, people were hugging, jumping, screaming. Grown men were crying and strangers were leaping into each other’s arms.

Unlike so much of modern sport, there was nothing contrived or orchestrated about those celebrations, about that moment.

This was deep, instinctive passion at its most authentic and unrefined. Just pure, wordless, thoughtless exhilaration. And it is surely for moments like this, which come along once every few years if you’re lucky, that sport is so compelling.

From a personal point of view, being there was a privilege. Two decades of attending sporting events in a professional capacity have hardened me, to the extent that I thought nothing can move me.

I was wrong.

One very happy dressing room


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