England have a much better squad than people think: Kenny Sansom

Date: Friday 8th September 2017 at 9:57 pm
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Kenny Sansom gives ZapSportz his exclusive take on England’s two World Cup qualifiers and his view on players managing their behaviour.

England’s first half against Malta was average. We hit the Malta defenders with crosses, but we weren’t good enough. We just didn’t do it. Second half, the crosses were more like 80% accurate and we hit long balls. I said to a friend before the game that I quite fancied us to win 4-0!

To go 1-0 down to Slovakia so early was frightening. Ian Wright was correct, we passed the ball quicker. We were too square against Malta. Any side can deal with that.

Against Slovakia there was more energy. Kane was making dribbles and getting in behind people. The way we set up, that’s the way we have to play. Use our tempo. The second half was so much better. Malta first half was not good, but the second half against Slovakia was a much better performance.

We could have won better against Slovakia, better than 2-1. I still say that we have a much better squad than people think. I feel very strongly that we can do very well at next summer’s World Cup.

Dele Alli showed a finger against Slovakia. I thought he’d get booked and he didn’t. He was showing passion towards a teammate. If you’re his manager, you have to tell him to be careful, but don’t lose your aggression. Don’t take it away from him. Alli is willing to play well. It was the same with Rooney, when he was a kid.

FIFA can’t stop people reacting. You can’t completely stop it. There’d be silence on the pitch, no tackling. I think the game is going in the wrong way.

You couldn’t stop fans reacting. You can’t stop fans swearing or chanting. There’s been swearing in stadiums over a hundred years!

Some people are getting paid a lot of money in football and I’m not sure it’s going in the right direction, or improving the game. I know things that I know would improve the game of football.

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