Criticism of West Ham icon Mark Noble is not just unfair; it’s embarrassing – true Hammers fans agree with me

Date: 12th March 2017 at 10:21 am
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I WAS astonished to hear and read that Mark Noble had been getting stick on social media from so-called West Ham fans.

I call them ‘so-called’ because how they can turn on one of the most dedicated and loyal performers of the modern era is beyond me.

Like Harry Kane at Spurs, Noble is ‘one of their own’ and remains the heartbeat of a club going through a transition.

The Hammers’ skipper might have had the odd iffy game, but for a few idiots to turn on him is a disgrace.

They are not worthy of this grandest of English football clubs.

With almost 400 league appearances in claret and blue to his name, Noble is up there in West Ham history alongside the likes of Moore, Peters, Hurst – and others.

Okay, so he’s not as decorated as the greats I’ve mentioned but in terms of commitment to the club he leads and adores he cannot be faulted.

Certainly not by a few morons who think it’s okay to trash the name of a man who will always have the best interests of the Hammers at heart.

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The most sensible piece posted on social media on this subject came from Daniel Fisk on…

Concurring with my view of ‘Mr West Ham’, he wrote: “While social media may well represent the opinion of a small minority that shout the loudest, I can’t help but feel embarrassed by what seems to be a rising swell of negatively towards Mark Noble.

“I don’t think there is much argument between Hammer’s fans as to Mark Noble’s status at the club; ‘Mr West Ham’ embodies the loyalty, passion and commitment seen so rarely in today’s game, and watching a boyhood fan captain the club is something to be cherished.”

No doubt after the 3-2 defeat to Bournemouth yesterday, the knives will be out again. Don’t you think he feels the pain?

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Maybe they should be sharpened for a man who deserted the club (might I mention the name Dimitri Payet?) not a man who gives his heart and soul to the cause.

I rest my case. Oh, and by the way, Noble happens to be one of the nicest and most amenable players in the game. Give him a break.

Credit: Daniel Fisk @fisko27



One thought on “Criticism of West Ham icon Mark Noble is not just unfair; it’s embarrassing – true Hammers fans agree with me

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    5 months ago

    Moron… Noble does not deserve a place in the team just because he is “nice ” or “loyal “. The truth of the matter is that he is a total waste of a shirt . He cannot run , tackle , shoot , head the ball ,motivate the team or take a free kick . He is an embarassment He would not get on the bench at any other club in Prem . Kouyate and Antonio have both been wasted playing at right back to keep this donkey in the team .
    As for being a loyal supporter … I want to see us play our strongest team and compete . If we do that and lose, so be it . If we constantly give games away by poor selection or same old mistakes by the same people … Noble made 3 mistakes in under a minute to give Chelsea their first goal then I will continue to complain .


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