Arsene Wenger: The Time could be nigh.

Date: 2nd October 2015 at 9:21 pm
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Boring journalists and depressing pundits. That is what you get called nowadays when you focus on individual errors, at least according to Arsene Wenger. After journalists asked questions today about why Wenger dropped Petr Cech for David Ospina in midweek against Olympiakos. Normally, when Arsenal play an inferior side at home in the Champions League, changes are expected, but not when that game is a must win game for the club. Having lost the first game away to Zagreb, and with Bayern Munich home and away on the horizon, a win was needed to keep their Champions League hopes alive, but it was just too much to ask for Arsenal, and specifically Wenger.


The press conference today, in the build up to the massive clash against top of the table Manchester United was dominated by media questioning Wenger and for the first time that I can remember, he had a cagey press conference. It may only be a one off, but the idea of media poking him to the point that he threatened to end the conference if Jose Mourinho was mentioned again. He named David Ospina a “World Class Keeper”, and whilst that isn’t entirely false, we all know that David Ospina is not world class. Sir Alex Ferguson only had 4 world class players in his entire 25 years at Manchester United, but Arsene Wenger has 2 world class goalkeepers at the same time?

Alex and Becks

What many have been pointing out is that this is starting to show that Arsene Wenger may be on his way out. Not saying that he will be gone this time next season, but if he continues to anger fans even more, I cant see him being around for much longer. Some fans have still been on his side, possibly with blind faith, but they have supported him because of his track record. He was the Invincibles, got to a Champions League final, and kept Arsenal in the Champions League ever since he took over. If he could keep the Arsenal machine chugging, why should he leave? Well, there are many reasons, in fact.


Some of you reading this may not like Piers Morgan in anyway shape or form, but you cannot deny that his passion can be seen for miles, and he is hardly wrong about Arsene Wenger. Petr Cech was a great signing for Arsenal, but at the end of the day, Wenger didn’t add to his squad at all. Of all the teams in top divisions in Europe, Arsenal were the only ones not to add an outfield player to their squad. None at all! Yet, he still thinks he can be successful with a strategy like that. It can only be a matter of time before the Arsenal fans have enough, and if the results don’t pick up, if they go out of Europe, and miss out on the Champions League, Wenger must go. He must!

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But, a lot depends on who is open to taking over at the North London club. Jurgen Klopp might be out of the market, same with Ancelotti. Pep Guardiola will go to Manchester City or United, not Arsenal. Who else can there be? Alan Pardew? Okay, that might be a bit of stretch, seeing as the man they call Alan “Pardiola” is looking for the England job. Wenger himself will obviously look for another club, and this search could actually give Arsenal their next manager.

Alan Pardew

Let’s say that PSG don’t win the Champions League, or meet their self imposed target of the Semi Finals, and miss out on any of the domestic cups in France, Laurent Blanc will find himself out on his backside, looking for something new, leaving the Paris outfit looking for a new manager. Who is easily the highest profiled French manager in the world, who has continued “success” in the Champions League, and can manage big players if needed? That’s right, Arsene Wenger. Wenger has always wanted to work at the biggest club in France, and if France win the Euros, Didier Deschamps will be in charge until the 2018 World Cup, leaving that job out of reach.

chel psg
You heard it here first, Arsene Wenger to be the next PSG manager.


How can Arsenal fans show the club and the man himself that they don’t want him there? Boycott games? Maybe, but I cant think of anything else. Failure in the Champions League will raise huge questions, but what fan will want their club to lose just so they got rid of a manager?

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  • Nicholas
    2 years ago

    How about this? Drop out of the early stages of champions league, go to Europa league, conquer every team there and lift that trophy would still want Arsene out?


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