Arsene Wenger is still giving nothing away – Arsenal boss is thinking only about Sunday

Date: Thursday 20th April 2017 at 10:58 am
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HERE we go again. Another Arsene Wenger press conference; another flat bat in response to questions about his future; another will he stay, will he go story in the papers.

Starting to get bored with this now. Someone has to come out and tell us the truth. Arsenal fans deserve to know where their club is heading.

I can understand Arsene wanting to focus on ‘the next game’ but all the uncertainty and reluctance to discuss the issue is starting to grate.

Why the secrecy; why the ‘no comment’ approach?

Personally, I think Wenger will stay on – for another year or two at least – so why doesn’t he come out and say so.

Even Tottenham fans want him to stay on….!

Fans outside White Hart Lane were encouraged to show their support for Arsene Wenger

For now, the Frenchman is thinking only of Sunday’s FA Cup semi final against Manchester City.

As quoted on the Mail on Line – – Wenger said the FA Cup, victory or otherwise, will play no part in his decision.

He said: “Its an important game for me because it’s our only chance to win a trophy this season.

‘We are fully focussed on that. My future is Sunday.’

“I haven’t told anything to anybody. The update is that my commitment is total, and only focused on Arsenal.”

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