Arsenal ‘fans’ bring shame on the club as they rub salt into Spurs wounds

Date: 24th September 2015 at 10:28 am
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By Dave Smith

AS PR stunts go, this was a shocker – or a ‘Jarvis Cocker’, as they might say in these parts! I’m talking about Spurs’ decision to unveil plans for their lavish new stadium hours before last night’s North London derby against Arsenal.

For Tottenham to boast that they will become the top club in the capital wasn’t the best idea in the world either as Arsenal fans made an early start on the demolition of White Hart Lane in a reckless show of violence from what we thought was a bygone era.

A small amount of Gunners’ supporters were pictured and videoed ripping down banners before reportedly clashing with stewards following the League Cup clash which ended in a 2-1 victory for the visiting side.

Imagine what they would have done if Arsenal had lost! Mathieu Flamini scored twice to send the Gunners fans wild with delight as they reached round four. For a minority of fans, they just went wild.

Spurs signs were ripped down and later posts on Twitter captured the unfortunate incidents, with comments and headlines such as ‘White Hart Lane is falling down’.

A spokesperson from Arsenal said they were ‘concerned’ about the incident, which was caused by a ‘minority of fans’…and the possible ramifications.

Whilst the Tottenham Hotspur signs were being defaced, visiting fans taunted their rival followers, shouting ‘who are you?’. Or something similar, but not printable.

Police and stewards swiftly moved in to defuse the situation when fans began to stand on the edge of the balcony.

As a result Arsenal  could face an FA investigation after their supporters went on a rampage following their euphoric win against their deadly rivals.

Ecstatic at their north London derby victory; away fans ripped up hoardings which were hurtled down towards the lower tier where other supporters were located.

With pictures and videos doing the rounds in newspapers and on social media, it shouldn’t be too difficult for the authorities to identify the main culprits, who deserve to be brought to book.

There were also claims of clashes between rival supporters outside the stadium after the match. FA disciplinary chiefs are set to look at the incident, as Arsenal FC officials vowed: “We will work with Tottenham Hotspur and the authorities on this.”

Thought we had seen the last of this sort of mindless vandalism.







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  • Goonermay68
    2 years ago

    Typical MUGGY report the place needs pullng down anyway .And like most on here have always got an opinion when they do not even go.


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